Manage passwords, add passwords and link to companies and categories. Save personal private passwords and passwords you want to share with others.


Flexible sharing of passwords with any members of your team. You decide who can see passwords within each category. Team members only see the passwords they are supposed to see.


Easy copy to clipboard for passwords including username and url. Or SecureSend the password to your external contacts. Eliminate the risk associated with sending credentials using email.

Easy Management

Searching and getting passwords is very simple. They show for a short time and then automatically are hidden from view.

Secure Solution Secure Solution

All data in the system is encrypted. Before you can view a password you need to enter a pre-defined key to decrypt the data. The key is not stored anywhere in the system and users need to remember the key to view.

Using Passwords Using Passwords

Once a password is visible, can open the link and copy paste the user/pass, so using the system is easy. You can also paste all the password data to an email. Or you can use Securesend to send a unique link to a password.

Easy Management
Secure Solution

More Features:

Secure Solution

  • All data stored in system is encrypted
  • User must enter a key to view any password
  • Passwords can use different encryption keys if required
  • Passwords can be sent using a one time unique link using SecureSend

  • Passwords can be grouped by categories or companies
  • All passwords are stored in logical easy to find sections

  • All users can have permissions related to passwords
  • Sensitive passwords can be visible only be desired few team members

  • Passwords are visible for only a short period on screen
  • Passwords can be copied for pasting
  • Each entry can have up to 5 fields for username, password etc
Secure Solution

  • All passwords require a key to decrypt the passwords
  • The stored passwords in the database cannot be read without the key
  • The key is not stored in the system anywhere

  • This creates a unique one-time link
  • The sender decides on a key for the one-time SecureSend
  • The receiver clicks the link and enters the key
  • The password is revealed
  • Securesend's link only works once

Password Sharer users' feedback:

Before we used Password Sharer it was very difficult to keep track of who had the the latest working password for any of the many accounts that we need to access. Now it's all sorted and my team can all access what they need quickly.

Robert Williams, Director, Underground Media Inc

The system works for us and we use it everyday across the whole team. The function to send a password that is already in the system is very useful and secure.

Felix Koelburg, Abacus IT Systems Company

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